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Associated Press Interview

Recent Article quoting me on consumer confidence WASHINGTON (AP) — Home prices are surging. Job growth is strengthening. And stocks are setting record highs. All of which explains why Americans are more hopeful about the economy than at any other point in five years. Consider Michael Quintos, head of a Chicago advertising agency that helps small businesses market themselves through social media. Quintos sees more optimism at work and among friends and relatives. “A year ago, I had more friends asking me if I knew anybody who was hiring,” he says. “Now I have more people who are hiring asking me if I know anyone looking for a job.” At work, Quintos is finding it … Continue reading

A Digital Agency Defined

A Digital Agency Defined

What’s a digital agency?
It used to be easy to divide up the agency world. There were general agencies, media agencies, direct agencies, then Web agencies. You were media or creative, above the line or below the line. Nowadays, we see lines blurring everywhere.